Girls Trip!!!

In January Nancy and I were lucky enough to sneak away on a little girls trip to Jupiter Island, Florida. We stayed with Auntie Bobbi and Dick on the Jambor (Dick's boat). We had the most fabulous time! And Dick treated us all like princesses making us cappuccinos in the morning and cooking up delicious fresh caught lobster and pompaneu for dinner. Yum!! We also spent some time on the ocean on a friends fishing boat.
Pretty ladies on the beautiful beach after a wonderful bike ride on the island.
L to R: Bobbi, Nancy, Susan, Me
Man-o-war on the inter-coastal waterway. Yikes!
The Jambor


Thanksgiving was spent in St. George at my parents house this year. It was great being all together playing games, making dinner, and being outside in the beautiful weather.
Sammy with his green smoothie face.
A hot air balloon that landed right in our neighborhood. It was so cool that I bought a gift certificate for Dustin and I to take a hot air balloon ride in Park City!
Cute kids waiting for their turkey dinner.
Beautiful table setting.

Shupe's Halloween Party

Shupe's hosted a very fun Halloween Party at their house. It was so fun to have Steph Ellerbeck in town (missed you Nick)!
Dustin and I went at Batgirl and Robin if you can't tell.

Costume Parade

The grandkids all looked so cute in their costumes (except for Dane because he was a spooky dementor) that we had to go on a visiting parade. First stop was Grandma and Grandpa Allred's house.
Then we went to visit Grandpa Taylor at his office downtown.

Elphaba (Abbey), Sam (Nacho Libre), Dane (dementor), Ian (Batman)

Then, on the way home Uncle Adam sat in the car with the kids while I ran into the grocery store. He must not have been paying attention to what was going on because this is what I found when I got back. Yes that is gum in Ian's eyelashes! Some caregiver Adam is! I hope my kids accidentally cut Logan's hair one day while he is in my care. Revenge is sweet :)

Pumpkin Carving

Our family pumpkin carving night was complete with soup in pumpkin bread bowls.
Ian chose to paint his pumpkin.
Dane carved his own masterpiece.
Dustin consolted Google to get just the pattern he wanted.
Finished products!

The Cool Older Brother

Dane was able to make a guest appearance at Ian's school as a Royal Reader. Boy did Dane feel special being able to read 2 books to Ian's class. He read so well and the class sat and listened quietly. When Dane was in Stephanie's 4's class older siblings of kids in his class came as Royal Reader's and it was a BIG deal. So for him to be able to do this for Ian's class is pretty awesome.
When Dane and I came back to get Ian there was time to play. Ian and Abbey LOVED Dane pulling them around in the trailer.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Taylor

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Grandpa Taylor!
October 16 was my favorite father's birthday. We surprised him by showing up at Stein Erikson's in Deer Valley (where he and my mom were staying) for breakfast. My dad is great and I love him so much. And regardless of what he thinks, I did listen to at least 83% of what lectured me on while growing up.
Dane and Ian love to wrestle with him. Dane enjoys golfing (or just driving the cart) with him.

After the birthday breakfast we hit the Park City dirt jump park for some fun. The kids LOVE this place! It is pretty entertaining to watch Ian ride his scoot bike with no brakes and feet up down the jumps.
Dane is a good little rider and LOVES catching big air.