Girls Trip!!!

In January Nancy and I were lucky enough to sneak away on a little girls trip to Jupiter Island, Florida. We stayed with Auntie Bobbi and Dick on the Jambor (Dick's boat). We had the most fabulous time! And Dick treated us all like princesses making us cappuccinos in the morning and cooking up delicious fresh caught lobster and pompaneu for dinner. Yum!! We also spent some time on the ocean on a friends fishing boat.
Pretty ladies on the beautiful beach after a wonderful bike ride on the island.
L to R: Bobbi, Nancy, Susan, Me
Man-o-war on the inter-coastal waterway. Yikes!
The Jambor


Sam and Jess said...

I might've asked before...Is there any way I can get adopted?? You go on the best vacations of anyone!! This one looks amazing (especially in January)

Meg said...

fun! Did you take any pictures in powell this last weekend? cause I sure didn't and was hoping I could hobo my way into keeping yours:)

Megan @ Pristine Wives said...

That looks so fun!!! The boat is big, I think I could live on it!

Sharlie Kaltenbach said...

Hi Whitney,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope Somer got the book to you. I know you will find it full of great solutions for detoxing your home! Your boys are adorable! I have a four year old too and it could not be a more fun stage : )

Blessings, Sharlie

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